Sell Your Toys

If you have Sturditoys you would like to sell, please let me know. I buy individual toys or collections of terrific toys like these shown on my website. I have been in the toy business for over a decade. You can call me at 208-914-5729 or email me. My expertise is in toys from the early 1900's - 1970's. I am interested in all types of vintage pressed steel toys including: Gendron, American National, Metalcraft, Structo, Tonka, Buddy L and many many more. Please don't hesitate to contact me even if you have toys that are not listed here.

Please Contact me by phone or email. For the quickest response from me you can Email photos of your toy or toys to me at I can respond with the price I can pay for your toys. I appreciate your time and interest in my website. Toys are my business and I enjoy getting to share them with you. Thank you; Ray 

Sturditoys I Buy Sturditoys

Some toys I am currently looking for!

Sturditoy Pumper Chemical Fire Truck 
Original Paint Pressed Steel Sturditoy Oil Company Toy Truck Buddy L
Sturditoy Large Pressed Steel Side Dump Truck 1920'S
Sturditoy Open Back Truck
Sturditoy Water Tower American Lafrance 1927 No 9 Fire Truck
Sturditoy Tractor Trailer Oil Tanker Truck  
Sturditoy Side Dump 1927
Sturditoy Dairy Delivery Truck Pressed Steel
Sturditoy Army Truck Buddy L Keystone Truck
Sturditoy American Railway Express Truck  Circa 1926
Sturditoy American Railway Express Truck
Sturditoy American Lafrance 1927 No 7 Pumper Truck
Sturditoy 1929 Pumper No7
Sturditoy #9 Buddy L Keystone Watertower Fire Truck 1920'S
Sturditoy  #9 Water Tower AmericanLafrance  
1920'S Sturditoy Pressed Steel Tow Truck
1929 Sturditoy Wrecker Tow Truck W Firestone Tires 
Sturditoy Pressed Steel Truck Kaufman Collection
1929 Sturditoy High Side Orange Coal Truck
1920's Sturditoy American Lafrance Water Tower Fire Truck Dual Steering
Kingsbury Tall Wrecker Toy Like A Buddy L Keystone & Sturditoy
Collector Sturditoy Oil Company Truck
Antique Sturditoy Pressed Steel Dump Truck All Original
Antique Sturditoy Coal Dump Truck 1920'S
1928 Sturditoy Strait Body Truck
1927 Sturditoy Pressed Steel US Mail Truck with Hand Truck
1920'S Sturditoy High Sided Coal Dump Truck
1920'S Pressed Steel Sturditoy Dairy Company Tanker 2 Piece Truck
1920'S Pressed Steel Sturditoy American La France Water Tower No 9 Fire Truck
1920'S Keystone Hydraulic Dump Truck
1920'S Buddy L Sreenside Express Truck Original Sturditoy Keystone Vehicle Toy