Sturditoy produced a limited number of different toys. Below you will find photographs of several examples. I have put in some quick links so you can easily find the toy you are looking for.


Fire Engines 



Sturditoy Water Tower Auto

9 Sturditoy Water Tower Auto: 1927 34" long. This all over red fire engine came with an open cab which was typical for fire engines of that era. The water tower elevated. The water pump is hand operated using a crank on the left side of the service body. White rubber hoses were mounted on each side of the truck. The bumper is painted red which is important to note because the bumpers of the later model Water Tower truck are plated. It came with front and rear wheel steering. Decals: "Sturditoy" on radiator face; "Water Tower No. 9" on each side of hood; "Fire Cross" on sides of seat; "American-LaFrance" on service body.


Sturditoys Water Tower Fully Extended 

This photo shows the water tower in full extension. There is nothing here to show the scale of this truck, but it would be about two-and-a-half feet tall with the tower extended like this. 


This view of the Sturditoy Water Tower truck gives a close up of the wheels used for rear steering and for controlling the tower.


Sturditoys Fire Truck Logo

This close up view of the American LaFrance Fire Department cross decal shows the incredible detail and workmanship that Sturditoys put in to making their trucks as realistic as possible. The shimmer of the gold outline really makes this decal stand out.


Sturditoys I buy Pressed Metal Toys

9 Sturditoy Water Tower Auto: 1929 34" long. The 1929 Water Tower is the same as the 1927 model except for the addition of the license plate (number 309), the headlights, and the plated bumper. Everything else about the truck remained the same.


Sturditoys Fire Truck 

From this view of the Water Tower truck the hand crank for the water pump is visible. A child would turn this crank to make water shoot from his Water Tower to distances up to 25 feet!


Sturditoys Fire Truck Side View

Side view of water tower truck.


Sturditoys Water Tower Front

The headlights and license plate are handsome additions to this truck. They gave it a more realistic look.


Sturditoys Water Pump Truck

7 Sturditoy Pumper and Chemical Fire Auto: 1926 27" long. The Pumper truck was another truck that was modeled after real American LaFrance fire trucks. It came with white hoses on each side of the body as well as hose that could be extended out to spray water from the water pump. Decals: "Sturditoy" on radiator face; "Pumper No. 3" on each side of hood; "Fire Cross" on sides of seat; "American-LaFrance" on service body.  



Sturditoys Fire Trucks

The side view of this truck clearly shows off the hand crank used to operate the water pump as well as the hose that is coiled up on the reel. The decals make this truck look just like the real thing.



Sturditoys For Sale

From the rear of the truck the remainder of the coiled hose is visible.


Side View of the Sturditoys Travelling Van 

This truck is a one of a kind for Sturditoy. It was designed in 1929 and contained miniature mock packages for different products including: Kellogg's Pep, Shredded Wheat, Jello, Rit Dye, Liquid Wax, and Bon Ami. It was 27" long, with an orange body, chassis, cab, hood and wheels, and black fenders. The black decal on the side of the van says, "Traveling Store."


Pressed Steel Sturditoys Travelling Store

From this angle we can see the Sturditoy decal on the face of the radiator. This same decal is present on all Sturditoy trucks. The headlights and license plate are also visible. The Traveling Store Truck license plate could be either number 408 or 413.



Leading Buyer of Pressed Steel Toys Buddy L Sturditoys


This is a close up view of the dash board of the Traveling Store Truck. Sturditoy took the time to create decals to give this truck a more realistic look.



Rear View os Sturditoys Travelling Store Van Truck Pressed Steel

From this angle we can see the detail that Sturditoy put in to the back of their trucks. Many toy manufacturers put flat doors on their vans, but Sturditoy added a nice touch by creating the "X" frames on theirs.