The History of Sturditoys

The brief, yet exciting history of Sturditoys began in January of 1926. The Pressed Metal Company started out by manufacturing 9 of these toys. All of the Sturditoy trucks are miniature replicas of actual trucks that could be seen driving on the streets during that era. Within a year, The Pressed Metal Company was manufacturing 14 of different trucks

In 1928, the International Toy Corporation purchased the rights to begin manufacturing Sturditoys. At this point "The Sturditoy Company" actually came into being. 

In 1929, The Sturditoy Company overhauled their entire toy line and added headlights and license plates to their toys. They also changed the paint schemes and added some new toys including the Sturditoy Ambulance, Wrecker and Coal Truck. 

In 1930, a merger between two companies occurred and the result was the Sturdy Corporation. The Sturdy Corporation decided to lower their prices so that more consumers could purchase their products during the financial crisis of the Great Depression. They also began manufacturing three new Tractor and Trailer toys. 

For the next couple of years the company seemed to be able to stay afloat even with the downed economy, but in 1933, The Sturdy Company closed their doors for good. 

Even though Sturditoys were only manufactured for a brief time, they left their mark on history. They remained distinct and different from other companies during that time by only manufacturing real world replicas. They never made a marketing truck or toy for any other company. 


Sturditoys History of Sturditoys